Creating safe spaces to open up.

Let’s cultivate empathetic communication. Clear up misunderstandings and disconnection. Learn to develop a deeper sense of belonging. Become a more approachable and reliable resource for others. Express yourself without defensiveness and judgment. Be heard, reflect and reconnect.


Providing a sense of belonging has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. It improves your resilience to deal with everything that life throws your way.


Empathetic communication requires you to be sensitive to your emotional state. If you aren’t noticing what’s happening, you block yourself from truly understanding and being understood.

mental health support


Thoughtful reflection of your own patterns, behaviors, and roots can lead you to create a better understanding of yourself. That’s an important step to feel more connected with others.


When we feel comfortable in relationships, we can be ourselves. We feel free to express our thoughts, feelings, and needs. We don’t have to put up walls.

About Susan

Addressing an epidemic of disconnection.

Welcome, I’m glad you’re here. I counsel individuals, families, and teams to eliminate the stigma of mental health issues.

My passion is helping others create more heartfelt, emotional bonds and a sense of true connectedness. I’m speaking, consulting and developing new tools, models, and resources to spark open-hearted conversations.

You can find a happier existence with more fulfilling relationships. It starts with listening from the heart.

How to create an environment that fosters connectedness? Trust comes from feelings of belonging, clear communication, and brave self reflection. When we’re open and transparent with each other, we begin to feel more safe, understood, and connected.
Want to know more? Let’s explore these concepts, together.


helped us examine what was really going on

“Susan worked with my daughter and me to work through some difficult and deep-rooted behaviors that were negatively impacting our relationship. Some of our behaviors were simple, and others more complicated. Susan had a great way to help us get to the root of our issues. Susan helped us examine that what was really going on, wasn’t what it seemed to be on the surface.

My daughter and I now have a much better understanding of our own behaviors, we own our role in improving our relationship, and we accept where we are. Our relationship has improved leaps and bounds and I am so thankful for the work we did with Susan.”

-Mother and daughter

Mother of a college student

“Susan has been an incredible support for our family as our daughter transitions from high school to college. She’s helped us weather several crisis and we have turned to her for guidance and comfort. Her counseling is a wonderful blend of empathy and practical advice that has helped our daughter tremendously through some very difficult times. We have also found several sessions of family counseling to be valuable. Susan is professional and ethical, but perhaps more importantly, she genuinely cares about her patients and that inherent kindness shines through in her therapy sessions.”

Mother of a CU Boulder Student

“Susan has been such a blessing for our entire family. Our daughter was having a very difficult time her sophomore year in college and began seeing Susan. She has not only helped our daughter navigate some challenging times, she helped us learn how to best support her in the most loving way. Our daughter made tremendous progress in a short amount of time and is using the tools Susan gave her every day. In just a few months we felt like we had our vibrant loving daughter back and our relationship with her is better than ever. We could not be more grateful for Susan and would highly recommend her to any family.”

Male Client

“Susan Caso has an innate ability to put her finger on the pulse of what ails me.

After a lifetime of therapists, I’ve had the good fortune of finding Susan Caso. She has a gift for helping me discover the origins of trauma and sadness.

Susan Caso is exceptionally adept at pinpointing the nucleus of concern.”

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